inspiring. evocative. timeless. genuine.

Your Experience

We've discovered that every couple is unique and each deserves exactly what they desire. For this reason we accept limited number of weddings each year to guarantee the highest level of care to every client.

Lifetime Heirloom

Our photos and videos unfold wedding stories that are as special as you are. Years from now, when you relive your family heirloom with your children and grandchildren, you will truly cherish every endearing moment. 



Looking through the photos brought tears to my eyes. You truly captured the moment, the day, and our real selves. You made me feel like a queen! Thank you my friend for your generous gift, your creative genius, and your friendship.

Carrie & Ric Duff

How do we possibly thank you for all that you did to make our day beautiful? You were amazing, professional, sincere, respectful, positive, caring, artistic, creative, and always going above and beyond - thank you Dimitri!

Melissa & DJ Griffen


Dear Friends,


I'm truly blessed to share my vision through art of imagery and story telling. 


My mission is to create photographs that will inspire others and bring positive change in today's world. To document stories full of unrehearsed moments, emotions, details, unity, beauty, and love.  To stay true to my clients. To provide clients with heirloom photographs to be treasured by generations to come.

Dimitri Rubinstein

Rubinstein Weddings

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We unify documentary wedding photography with elements of fine art.

Our roots are in photojournalism and fashion photography. Expressive compositions are being mixed with dramatic lighting and shooting angles.